05 August 2010

Macro Skills of Speaking

Here are skills should be implemented in speaking activities:
  1. Appropriately accomplish communicative functions according to situations, participants, and goals.
  2. Use appropriate styles, registers, implicature, redundancies, pragmatic conventions, conversion rules, floor keeping and yielding, interrupting, and other sociolinguistic features in face-to-face conversations.
  3. Convey links and connections between events and communicate such relations as focal and peripheral ideas, events and feeling, new information and given information, generalisation and examplification.
  4. Convey facial features, kinesics, body language, and other nonverbal cues along with verbal language.
  5. Develop and use a battery of speaking strategies, such as emphasizing key words, rephrasing, providing a context for interpreting the meaning of words, appealing  for help, and accurately assessing how well your interlocutor is understanding you.

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